Behavioral Psychotherapy

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Single behavioral psychotherapy


The usual form of psychotherapy is it's single form, in which the patient and the psychotherapist work togehter on solving the patient's problems. We meet once or twice a week and each session is 50 minutes long. Depending on the severity of your problems a psychotherapy can last up to 25 sessions (short-term psychotherapy) or between 45 and 80 sessions (long-term psychotherapy). For the iformation that I get from you during the therapy applies confidentiality and professional secrecy.


Group behavioral psychotherapy


For certain psychological difficulties it's helpful if a part of the psychotherapy if a part of the psychotherapy takes place in a group. For instance my patients who are suffering of depression receiven a “group-training of social skills”.

A group psychotherapy session lasts between 100 and 150 minutes and it's allways done as a part of an ongoing single psychotherapy.

The group psychotherapy makes it possible for you to get feedback from the other patients concerning your difficulties and your way of solving problems. This is a special feedback because it is given in a protected setting.

You might also experience relief when finding out that other patients have to deal with similar problems as you do. The group setting is a place were you receive emotional support from other patients. Additionally you might find out that solutions that other patients discoverd also apply for your own problems.


Switching to another psychotherapist


During the first sessions (five probatory sessions) you can find out without any commitment if you can get along with me. If during this probatory sessions for some reason you feel uncomfortable with my treatment, you can switch any time to another psychotherapist.


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