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English speaking psychotherapist in Heidelberg


Welcome on my homepage


Since you discovered this page it means that maybe you are thinking about treating some psychological difficulties by means of psychotherapy. If this is the case, then I might be able to help you. I speak fluently English.


I am a licensed psychotherapist and I am specialized in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. In my practice I take  both government health insurances (public health insurances; statutory health insurances) and private health insurances.



On my homepage you get information about my practice and generally about the method of psychotherapy.


By clicking "Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy" you will get a brief description of this method used to heal psychological disorders. The officially recognized psychotherapy methods are mentioned. You also get a compact description of the behavioral psychotherapy, which I use in my practice and a short overview over the organizational matters which are important during a psychotherapy.


By clicking "Disorders" you can read about the different psychological disorders which can be treated by means of psychotherapy such as:

  • adjustment disorder, life crisis, grief.
  • depression
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); panic disorder; agoraphobia; specific phobias; generalized anxiety disorder
  • hypochondria; somatization disorder; somatoform pain disorders
  • obsessions; compulsive behaviors 
  • personality disorders


By clicking  "Directions" you find informations how to get to my practice when using public transportation. Also parking options are described.


Your English speaking psychotherapist in Heidelberg

R. Zank